Friday, November 27, 2009

Danger! High Voltage - Music Video

My team, The Warner Brothers, recently wrapped filming of our final video for the Visual Story class at the ETC.

I star as the lead actor. Co-starring is Michelle Cohen. It was conceived and directed by Charlie Kim, and it was filmed and special-effected by Mike Honeck. Special thanks to the S&S Candy & Cigar shop in Southside Pittsburgh.

Future Walt is super proud that this video has become kind of legendary within the ETC student body, though he's a bit chuckled that this, of all things, is what he gets recognized for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Evil Technology Center

Evil Technology Center is my final project for the Building Virtual Worlds class. It is the first time in the history of the class that green screen video with a live actor was streamed into the game.

Our personal goal, besides creating something new, was to provide a fictional through-line for the show. As part of the story, the show's host Jesse Schell is captured by the "Evil Technology Center". An exchange student named Clifford (with the help of the audience and an "audience-controlled jetpack") flies to the top of their tower, defeats the head of the Evil Technology Center, and saves Jesse. A live video feed of Clifford is streamed into the game. Clifford reacts to the dynamic events as they happen and provides a running commentary. The gameplay is that of a simple vertical shooter.

I feel like I poured my heart and soul into this game, and I really hope that it gets selected for the BVW Show. Sad note from Future Walt: It did not. :-( Regardless, I'm super proud of it and of all the hard work done by the whole team.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


For the Visual Story class at the ETC, my team, The Warner Brothers, made this super-sad film. I personally didn't have much to do with it because I was super busy at the time, but I'm really proud of my teammates for pulling it off. Future Walt says: This was one of only 3 videos from the whole semester that were chosen to be shown during the end-of-semester Building Virtual Worlds show.

Dan Driscoll wrote and stars, while Mike Honeck directed and gorgeously filmed it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tanky-Tank Infomercial & Scribblenauts Commercial

As part of the Visual Story class at the ETC, pairs of teams collaborated to create video advertisements for video games.

First, one team did the pre-production for a game, including writing the script and creating the storyboards. Then that team would hand off the pre-production materials to another team that would actually film and edit the final video.

For the pre-production, my team chose to create an advertisement for my own game, Tanky-Tank. I wrote the script, and "Columbia Pictures" (another student team) filmed and edited. Mike Honeck stars.

From another team we received the script and storyboards for a commercial for the video game Scribblenauts. We filmed and edited the final video. That's me inside the ninja costume, and also that's my giant hand descending from the sky.