Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starship Builder - UI Revamp & More

I've spent the past couple weeks making a lot of little improvements to Starship Builder. Most importantly, the game's user interface has been totally revamped to be a lot cleaner and more self-explanatory. Here's a full list of improvements:

  • Added repair bays. Crew stationed at repair bays will automatically seek out systems needing repair.
  • Lots of user interface improvements, including tooltips for just about everything.
  • Movement is now back to using the left mouse button. Future Walt wonders why he kept changing this.
  • Can right-click to target all weapons while in movement mode.
  • New thruster particle effects.
  • You can pick what team you want to play on in multiplayer.
  • Can now play with up to 8 players. (But only 4 teams are supported.)
  • Added an observer mode to multiplayer.
  • New blue-ish background image.
  • Lots of bug fixes, performance improvements, and tweaks.

A screenshot showing off the new Builder user interface:

And another showing the new background:

Download this build for PC and Mac.