Friday, July 3, 2009

Tanky-Tank 0.10.4 released!

A new version of my game Tanky-Tank has been released! This is mostly a lot of little fixes that added up make for a considerably improved experience.

Latest changes:
  • Added some weapon physics, such as recoil when firing a weapon and force exerted when struck by a weapon. For the most part these are minor and fairly unnoticable.
  • Adjusted the way the camera tracks the player tank when Smooth Scrolling is enabled. It's now smoother and less jarring.
  • A.I. players now use real names instead of just "Private 1".
  • Host can now adjust the time it takes to respawn after being killed.
  • In Juggernaut mode, the game starts with all players belonging to no team. The first player to kill any other player becomes the first juggernaut.
  • In Capture The Flag, you can now rescue a flag while holding an enemy flag.
  • In Capture The Flag, return locations are now shown on the minimap as red or blue circles.
  • Fixed a bug in Juggernaut mode that caused the occasional crash.
  • Some stability improvements to the network code.
  • Added a button on the Internet screen that allows you to create your own lobby.
  • The Lobby Launcher application has been updated to work on Mac and Linux.
  • Tanky-Town map has been updated to play nice with the new A.I. pathfinding.
  • Opposing Shores map has been updated to fix some issues where the A.I. got stuck and sometimes killed the framerate.
  • You can now double-click to load/save a map, join a lobby, or join a game.
  • Fixed a few other miscellaneous bugs.
Download it now! Or start Tanky-Tank and wait for the "new version" message to appear.

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I'm Walt. I am a game programmer and designer. Yes! I have designed and programmed many games, most notably my years-long personal project Tanky-Tank. I have also designed some board games, including my personal favorite Thermonuclear Warfare on Catan.

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P.S. Walt from the future here, writing in the color of the future, Magenta. Magenta enables time travel. Anyway, past-Walt would be proud to know that he also co-created the game WAY, which has won many awards. Yay!