Friday, June 29, 2012

StarWright - Attacking

For a very long time it has been possible to command a ship to move to a particular destination by right-clicking into empty space, but there has been no way to command a ship to approach and attack another ship. That has now changed!

This screenshot probably requires a bit of explanation:
  • In their simplest form, attack commands are very simple to use and work almost exactly like move commands. Simply left-click on one of your own ships, and then right-click on an enemy ship to command your own ship to fly to the enemy ship and attack it. The computer will automatically determine the ideal distance from the enemy ship as well as the ideal flank to attack from (that is, whether to fire from the bow, stern, port, or starboard sides of your ship). A red circle will display the distance from the enemy ship, and a red ghost of your ship will show you exactly where your ship will station itself relative to the enemy ship.
  • As an advanced "power player" feature, it is also possible to right-click on an enemy ship and then, without releasing the right mouse button, drag away from the enemy ship. Doing so allows you to adjust both the attack distance and the direction to attack from. Thin red lines show which weapons can hit the enemy ship. The screenshot above shows an in-progress right-click-and-drag away from an enemy ship.
It is currently not possible to manually adjust which flank your ship will fire from. This feature is hopefully coming soon.

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