Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walt's Adventures in Burbank

Today I moved to Burbank, California. I am interning at Walt Disney Imagineering in nearby Glendale. (I tried to get, but that was already taken by some other, apparently more important, Walt.)

I flew in to teeny little Burbank Airport, complete with outdoor baggage claim. (Actual size image.)

My apartment building is not some large, soulless monstrosity.

My bedroom is a bedroom, but my bed is super comfy, meaning I will definitely have a hard time getting up in the morning.

And my closet pwns.

The dining room has funny little round balls hanging from the ceiling. We could have used them on The Iminintech Project.

My kitchen is finally larger than a closet...

And it has a dishwasher! (Though of apparently questionable effectiveness.)

Then I went exploring!

On my way to downtown Burbank...

I went to my local mall, which had a train ride for kids. (Why don't they make train rides for adults?)

In the mall I happened to spot a (non-functional) Reactrix box, which is apparently similar to the Playmotion we use at the ETC.

And this is my local GameStop. I suspect it will play a crucial role in my summer.

I wrapped up my excursion with my first-ever meal in Burbank!

Stay tuned for more of... Walt's Adventures in Burbank!

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